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Cute Pet is a manufacturer specializing in the production of dog products and cat accessories, with good quality and affordable prices. Welcome to the pet supplies store.


Simulated fish toy carp

Simulated fish toy carp CPPTY174

Simulated fish toy clownfish

Simulated fish toy clownfish CPPTY174

Simulated fish toy cyprinoid

Simulated fish toy cyprinoid CPPTY174

Pet products six piece set

Six piece set CPDLH2006

Anti barking collar

Anti barking collar CPDLH134

UFO traction rope

UFO traction rope CPDLH104

Dog cord leash

Dog cord leash CPDLH047

Plush dog bed CPDBD019

Hamster rope ladder pet supplies

Hamster rope ladder pet

Hamster rope ladder pet supplies

Hamster rope ladder pet

Bark hamster platform pet

Bark hamster platform pet

Rattan weaving toys pet

Rattan weaving toys pet

Rattan weaving toys

Rattan weaving toys

Bird frame pet

Bird frame pet

Hamster gym pet supplies

Hamster gym pet


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We provide all kinds of solutions for global pet retailer's and personal pet shoppers.Our goal is to increase the ways of helping our customers increasing their sales while helping every single pet enjoy an amazing lifetime.Meanwhile,we are specialized to provide more ways help the pets owners full of happiness when they stay with their pet babies.

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