What are the benefits of dog cord leash

What are the benefits of dog cord leash

Date: 2021-09-18


5 benefits of dog cord leash:



I don’t know if the shit shovel officers have the habit of bringing dog cord leash to dogs when they take them out for a walk. We can notice that most large dogs on the street are tied to dog cord leash, so why are the dogs? Should I bring a dog cord leash? What are the benefits of bringing dog cord leash? The editor is here to give you a brief explanation.



What are the benefits of dog cord leash



Why bring dog cord leash?



For example, if the dog raised by the shoveling officer is an active and active "erha" husky, the husky, commonly known as "let go", is not led by a dog cord leash, and it is likely to be suddenly when walking on the street. It disappeared at a certain moment, because the husky has a strong curiosity, and is often attracted to strange sounds or things, and then the owner who has a headache will struggle to find it.



Or a large dog such as Alaska, if you take a large dog to the street without a leash, you will probably frighten passers-by. Although the dog may not really report malicious intent, it is inevitable that people around you will feel frightened. You may even make moves that startle the dog, causing the dog to mistakenly think that there is a threat and launch an attack.



We also often see incidents in the news that dog walkers do not bring their dogs on a leash to bite passers-by. Dog cord leash not only plays a traction role, but more importantly, it provides a guarantee for the personal safety of others.



In addition, if there is a dog fight, the dog cord leash can also be a good way to pull the dog away and prevent even worse things from happening.



What are the benefits of bringing dog cord leash?



1. Act as a traction



After putting on the dog cord leash, it can prevent the dog from running around, in case the dog is attracted by other new things, and disappears after the fun, causing the accident of the dog's disappearance.



And the leash can guide the dog to walk according to the owner's idea, so that the dog will not get lost.



2. Prevent accidental injury to others



With the leash, you can prevent the dog from jumping around to a certain extent, and can also hold the dog when the dog is emotional, and can also prevent accidents from happening.



And it can not only prevent dogs from hurting others by mistake, but also prevent dogs from fighting.



3. Prevent car accidents



If there is no leash, the dog will run around, and it is easy to run around on the road, causing unnecessary accidental injuries.



And when crossing the road, if there is no leash, the dog, especially the small dog, may be frightened by the sound of the vehicle and run around and cause a car accident.



4. Increase obedience



Bring a leash to train your dog to obey and obey orders. After taking it, you can give the dog some simple actions and let the dog do it. If the dog is not focused enough, you can correct the dog by gently pulling the leash.



This can also strengthen the status of the owner, making the dog more obedient. Especially for puppies, wearing a leash can help them develop their obedience, so that they will not cause headaches for their owners when they grow up.



5. Prevent urinating and defecate everywhere



Presumably, many friends who live in the community have such troubles. They often see the traces of "visit here" left by dogs on their car tires. They don't know who the culprit is, and they are angry and distressed. .



If the dog is brought with a leash, it can prevent the dog from going to inappropriate places to urinate and urinate everywhere when walking, and it can also cultivate the dog's habit of going to the toilet in a fixed place.



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